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7 Deadly Sins (2.1)
Filename: 7_deadly_sins_2.1.7z

Date Added:
Type / Category:
900.63 MB
7DS Mod Team
V. 1.05 of Sin of a Solar Empire

Average User Rating: 8.4
Number of Votes: 89
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7 Deadly Sins (2.1) - File Description  

This, quite simply is THE BEST MOD for sins of a solar empire ever to be released, both now and later. 7 Deadly sins is basicly every important Sci-Fi race put into one package. Future releases will have the borg, stargate, and halo.
Unfortunately V 2.1 is only compatible with update 1.05..

So What are you waiting for reinstal sins and GET PLAYING!

7 Deadly Sins (2.1) - Screenshots  
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7 Deadly Sins (2.1) - File Download Options  

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7 Deadly Sins (2.1) - Readme  
Readme File:
Greetings All You Sinners!

Unzip with 7zip, or another compatible program, and place the 7 DEADLY SINS 2.0 Final
folder in the mod folder of your Sins of a Solar Empire Game. The path can be located
under OPTIONS and MODS within the game itself. If you placed the mod in the correct
folder, you will see the name of the mod there. Click in then click load mod. After
a brief pause, you will notice the music and Menus change. You have been successful!!!

For further instruction, visit www.danmangames.com, click on products, mods, then the
7 DEADLY SINS forum link. There you will be able to access the 7DS wiki, with a full breakdown
on how to install the mod.

Welcome to 7 Deadly Sins 2.0, for version 1.05 of Sins of a Solar Empire. It is NOT compatible with 1.12 or above.
7DS 2.5 will be available for version 1.12+ Sins of a Solar Empire.

7 Deadly Sins is the ultimate combo mod, the "unoffical" expansion of Sins of
a Solar Empire, or so it has been dubbed by the mod community.

7 Deadly Sins is the work of many individual modders including myself working together under my
leadership (DANMAN3712) but I normally go by just DANMAN.

Together we form the 7DS Mod Team, and the backbone of DANMAN GAMES (www.danmangames.com)

7 Deadly Sins is the combination of other mods along with original content of the 7DS team and my own content.

Here is a list what mods and content are included but are not limited to what 7 Deadly Sins includes:

Sins Plus - By Uzii

Solar Sins - By DANMAN

Sins Enhanced - By Krissem

Bailknights Graphical Mod 1.3 - By Bailknight

WLD Graphical MOD - By Lost WLD

Volumetric Explosions 0.85 - By Mansh00ter

Star Wars (Empire only) - By EvilJedi

Metal Storm - By SpardaSon21

HammerSun Pirate Mod - By HammerSun

UFO Mod - By i Nert

Kreyson's Battlewagons Mod - Kreyson

Sins Sounds - Gurkoz

Sins Music (unreleased) - Gurkoz

Ancient Ones, Atlantians (unreleased) - DANMAN

Star Control / Master of Orion Mod (unreleased) - DANMAN

So, now I know what you want...a list of what YOU, the player, is actaully getting with this mod. Well, here is a non-inclusive list:

11 Brand new colonizable planet types
Colonizable Gas Giants, with new types of Gas Giants
5 Colonizable Stars - you colonize the moons that orbit them

Over 80 brand new planetary bonuses, including negative ones.

1 New Star - White Star

1 New Super Massive Black Hole - at the center of some solar systems

2 Black Holes - will destroy your ships

2 Nebuleas - complete with baby stars

3 Different Moons, orbiting various planets and Stars

11 Playble Races
TCA - modified TEC, with custom ships
Unity - modified Advent
Dark Fleet - modified Vasari
The Galactic Empire - from Star Wars
The Rogue - Playable, custom pirates
The Arilou - UFO race from the Star Control Games
The Ur-Quan Korh-Ah - Death race from the Star Control games
The Atlantians - the ultimate race, the creators of all humanoid life forms (the gods)

Completely new soundtrack, provided by Gurkoz, Makon, Lucas Arts (Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis Game) & (Star Wars), Frank Klpacki (Universe at War Soundtrack),
and Toys for Bob, the developers of Star Control 1 & 2.

Completely new sound effects, provided by Gurkoz, Toys for Bob, and Lucas Arts.

New star color variants with matching skyboxes, provided by the Sins Enhanced mod.

All new weapons, engines, abilities, and explosion effects, provided by Bailknight's Graphical mod, WLD Graphical mod, Volumetric Explosions, and DANMAN.

New classes of ships including:
Light Frigate
Heavy Frigate
Super Crusier
Super Titan

Races now have their own traits that make them more unique, from being a total offensive race, to a highly researching race. Each race now has its own unique tactics of gameplay.

Same tactics as before
Build "tanks" of ships, and roll over your enemy with firepower and armor strength.
Spread culture even better, and keep enemies at bay with improved beam and shield technology.
Utilize phase missles with reckless abandon, with 60% possible improvement of bypassing shields, amd make use of bigger ships.
Use the power of the Empire, raw power and fear to completely dominate your enemy.
Rob, pilfer, and steal your way to greatness. The Rogue are a mismash of various stolen technology, and can steal resources, and even other ships.
Not being of this dimension, the Arilou do not rely on money and normal means of transport or construction. They simply spawn ships from their "motherships",
and travel through Quasispace, which propels them at near instant speeds from planet to planet.
Totally aggressive, the Korh-Ah are built for battle. They are all offense, and barely any defense. They focus on exterminating every race and every planet they find,
and almost every ship is capable of boming from orbit. Their goal is to "cleanse" the universe of all other sentient life, anything that is not an Ur-Quan.
The first humonoid race in existance, they created all others. They are slit into two sub-species, start with a weaker side. They rely totally on technology, and is
key to their success and survival. The Atlantian Player that can access all their research, will be unbeatable late in the game. They harness many deadly weapons,
including the dreaded Stellar Converter from the Master of Orion games, and can even cause a Super Nova explosion. Tactics for playing them are research hard and fast,
or your weaker side will be quickly defeated by the other races, who are much stronger in the beginning of the game. Their weakness is their technology however, and
loss of their research stations will instantly cripple them until they are rebuilt.

Hundreds of custom researches, including those created by DANMAN, HammerSun, and Uzii.

Altered Artifacts, 2 plus the 7 DEADLY SINS of Lust, Gluttony, Greed, Sloth, Wrath, Envy, and Pride.

Dozens of custom ship models, including those from HammerSun, i Nert, EvilJedi, Kiedjor, DANMAN, and the X3: Reunion development team.

Dozens of new maps, provided by SamazRalan and the 7DS Mod Team.

New opening video and logos, video by SamazRalan, logos by DANMAN.

New loadscreens, menu colors, and characters, provided by Uzii, Gihren, and DANMAN.

Custom HUD displays for the custom races. Stock races are unchanged.

Many more features too numerous to name here, and there is always more in development.

And finally, I need to thank all those who have helped or contributed to 7 DEADLY SINS 2.0:

Thank you to my Partners, first and formost:
Speytoeh - Reaven
Duke Skymocker

Admins on our forum:
Duke Skymocker
Maxsim Goratiev

Mod Developers:
Cpt Keyes
Evil Tesla-RG
UEF Soldier
Shawn Martin

The countless hundreds of playtesters on the forum, through whose contant testing made
this possible.


Uzii - my first mod project of my mentor Uzii - Sins Plus mod

Bailknight - Bailknight's Graphical mod

Mansh00ter - Volumetric Explosions mod

Evil Jedi - Star Wars mod

iNert - UFO mod

HammerSun - HammerSun's Pirate mod

Gurkoz - Music and Sound Effects mods

Kreyson - Kreyson's Battlewagon's mod

I would also like to give very special thank you's to the following for going
above and beyond the "call of duty"

Animage64 - for keeping up with the Galaxy Forge - aka DEADLY FORGE, to make
it compatible with 7 DEADLY SINS

SamazRalan - For making the awesome intro videos, Youtube videos, the custom
Galaxy files, which enable full customization of the galaxy map making process.
And the English file, from which a lot of out descriptions come from.

And Speyteoh-Reaven, for helping me give life to the Atlantians by making over
80% of all the textures that have been used in the mod.

Also, I would like to thank the X3:Reunion team, for providing such awesome ships and
a really great game.

And I would like to thank Toys for Bob, the creators of the Star Control Series,
whom which I draw my inspiration from. While playing those games as a kid, I thought
to myself that it would be neat to have my own, and so, through 7DS, I pay homage to
Toys for Bob, and to Star Control, their greatest creation.

Accolade who made Master of Orion, is now part of EA Games.

And most important, I want to thank you, the player, for downloading 7 Deadly Sins.
May you enjoy playing it, as I and my team have enjoyed making it for you.

Thanks to Ironclad and Stardock for making Sins of a Solar Empire....

DANMAN GAMES can be located at www.danmangames.com

Thank you ALL!


7 Deadly Sins (2.1) - User Comments  
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